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What is the McAfee Error 1326?

McAfee antivirus may be a reliable antivirus program that gives good protection to your device and data from malware. But some McAfee users reported they’re getting McAfee error 1326 while installing or scanning. This error usually appears when another program is conflicting together with your Cancel Mcafee Antivirus. But there are various other possible reasons behind this error.

Reasons for McAfee error 1326

1. Your device is running out of space

2. you’ve got another antivirus on your PC

3. Outdated OS or corrupted Windows files

4. Broken registry files

5. A recent change on PC has corrupted your McAfee files

Symptoms of McAfee error 1326

1. McAfee antivirus installation process interrupts

2. McAfee virus scan problems

3. The system gets freeze while scanning with McAfee

4. The error appears with a specific program

5. Regular crashes while running any program

Methods for resolving McAfee error 1326

Check free disk space on your PC

If your McAfee is showing an installation error then check the free disc space. If the free disc space is extremely less then you’ve got removed all the unnecessary programs from the system. Remove gaming and editing applications. If you’ve got large files like movies, videos on your device then delete them. Save your files on the cloud to free the disk memory. Now restart your device and check out to put McAfee on your device.

Check for conflicting program

Conflicting errors will seem thanks to another antivirus or a third-party program on your computer. Before you put McAfee on your device; uninstall another antivirus program. If you have got another McAfee to arrange, remove it. Delete all the files associated with the antivirus. If McAfee is conflicting with a specific program then you ought to uninstall that program. Conflicting problems principally seem with third-party programs that are carrying malware like adware etc. Uninstall the conflicting program and so check whether or not your error gets fastened or not.

Restore your registry files

On the off chance that the McAfee blunder 1326 is showing up because of the wrecked library records then you ought to reestablish the documents right away. In the event that you don’t have a clue how to reestablish the records, at that point you ought to request specialized assistance. On the off chance that you know the means; get the McAfee blunder reinforcement key and afterward reestablish the documents. In any case, alter the documents cautiously as a straightforward error can harm different records. You can follow the given strides for making a reinforcement key for McAfee:

1. Close all the running projects on PC

2. Go to the Start menu

3. Go to the hunt bar

4.Now sort order on the hunt bar

5.Press and hold the Ctrl and Shift keys

6. Hit the Enter button

7. You will get an authorization brief on your screen

8. Read the wizard and afterward hit the Confirm button

9. The order screen will show up

10.Type regedit on the order screen

11. Hit the Enter button

12.Now the rundown of library passages will show up

Snap-on the record identified with McAfee. Snap-on the fare catch and spare the document on the work area with .reg augmentation. Presently you can alter the library documents without any problem. When complete, go to the McAfee dashboard and snap on the Scan button. Check if your mistake sorts out.

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Remove temporary files and other junk

Your impermanent documents can likewise make mistakes while running the McAfee antivirus. On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the specific reason behind the McAfee 1326 mistake, at that point have a go at cleaning all the garbage records from your PC. Go to the impermanent documents organizer and eliminate all the records right away. Clean all the program garbage like reserves and treats. Subsequent to eliminating the garbage, attempt to run McAfee antivirus on your gadget.

Undo all the recent changes

In the event that your McAfee 1326 mistake is showing up in the wake of rolling out certain improvements on the PC at that point return the progressions for fixing the blunder. On the off chance that you fail to remember the progressions, you have made, at that point take a stab at utilizing the System Restore instrument. This Windows instrument can undoubtedly fix all the progressions you have made on your framework. When complete, restart your gadget and check for the mistake. In the event that you are confronting blunders with McAfee, at that point request specialized assistance.


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